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What sets Yi Chinese apart from all other language learning institutes is the way we go about to impart the learning of Mandarin Chinese. While a considerable number of Mandarin experts exist, not all are capable of delivering effective learning – the one thing that Yi Chinese confidently ensures. Through our innovative training tools & techniques, comprehensive and intensive lesson plans, and most importantly, a zealous team of expert Mandarin trainers, we focus on a holistic learning experience.

Learning and training tools

When it comes to learning a language, bookish teaching and lecturing can never help. And so, we at Yi Chinese use an array of training and learning tools that bridge the gap between learning and fun, and help our students reach their desired Mandarin language goals quickly and correctly. Here are some of our tools

Smart, on point and full of visuals, the presentations help in explaining the technical aspects of Mandarin such as vocabulary, grammar, characters and pronunciation.


A popular technique to aid the process of memorising and recalling the characters, flashcards and mnemonics also are a method for improving diction.


Yet another popular engagement technique, that Yi Chinese integrates in its teaching methods to introduce the learners the various facets of the vibrant Chinese culture. Videos in Chinese also enhance the learner’s capacity to grasp the language.


For improving the listening skills of the language. Audio in Chinese enhance the learner’s capacity to grasp the language.

A tool we usually use for reiteration, games are integral to our course plans where we ensure that learning meets fun.

Rewards and Certificates

Sessions at Yi Chinese usually run to up to 2.5 hours. It sounds like a long duration but we ensure you that all our learners go through this experience and end every session refreshed and with smiles!

This is probably because of our Reward System.

Reward System

In the class reward system, all our learners have an opportunity to earn points through games and tests.  The total points you earn converts into Yi Money that can be utilised for buying any item from our Wall of Chinese Culture. Higher the score, more expensive the item you can take home with you!

One week after the completion of the course, we organise a Graduation Ceremony where all our learners get their certificate.

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