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Our Values

A language isn’t simply a string of words but also a reflection of a society’s culture, history and the sentiments of its people. For us at Yi Chinese what is most important is that we not only impart quality language instruction to individuals who have chosen Mandarin Chinese as their medium of communication for academic or professional pursuits, but also that we promote intercultural and international understanding.


Mandarin Chinese is a representation of a rich and beautiful culture thus, learning the language is a wonderful experience. The opportunity to indulge in this journey of teaching and learning keeps us highly motivated and committed to our sole purpose of creating fluent Mandarin Chinese speakers.


The purpose of your interest in learning Chinese, your country, your age or anything else does not matter. Here at Yi Chinese we will help you achieve your personal mandarin study target, and also take you on a journey of exploring the vibrant Chinese history, customs and traditions.

How do we choose our trainers?

When it comes to recruiting trainers, Yi Chinese makes no compromise. All instructors at our institute require to:

  • Hold at least a Bachelor’s degree
  • Be native Mandarin speakers with standard pronunciation
  • Be effectively bilingual in Chinese and at least one other language such as English, French, Japanese, etc.
  • Be committed to and passionate about teaching

How do we train our teachers?

Our teachers undergo an intensive programme that tests their language, communication and teaching skills in every way. These are assessed through a series of exams and trial lessons which are given prior to handing over of all the responsibilities that come with the position of a full-time teacher.

Apart from initial training and testing, Yi Chinese regularly invests in its teachers by involving our teachers in internal professional development training to keep them up to date with the latest learning content and teaching techniques.

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