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At Yi Chinese, we provide enthusiastic individuals with the opportunity to work as teaching interns at our institute. If a student wants to teach Mandarin, they will undergo our rigorous training programme. The term of internship extends from 6 months to one year which will include assistance to full-time trainers and hands-on experience at teaching. After completion the interns will get a work experience certificate which will validate that they have worked as interns at Yi Chinese. The work will be measured on an hourly basis. As an intern atYi Chinese you will get a unique teaching experience, one which involves international culture, new learning tools and methods and an array of students from varied backgrounds. It is a great opportunity for our students who have turned into experts in Mandarin Chinese and we encourage them to take up the internship opportunity.The interns will be provided fully air conditioned rooms, free Wi-Fi, a stipend and access to other institute amenities.All our interns must fulfil the criteria of possessing a diploma in HSK with a minimum score of HSK 4 or above to teach at Yi Chinese.

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