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Got Questions? We Have Answers – General

The minimum duration is 40 hours for the beginners. However if a student wishes to extend the number of hours, he/she can request for the same.

Yes. On completion of your chosen course at Yi Chinese, you will certainly be awarded with a certificate proving your successful completion of the course.

The courses revolve not only around conversing in Mandarin but also include learning how to read and write the language.

You can check the courses offered by Yi Chinese by clicking on this link.

Chinese mandarin and mandarin is one and the same thing. At Yi Chinese, we do not teach Cantonese.

Learning Mandarin can open up many possibilities of working in China. You can explore some opportunities by referring to our Job Opportunities section.

All teachers at Yi Chinese are native Mandarin speakers. However, assisting them will be our Indian trainers to better understand your needs and customise the course accordingly.

Yes, and you can schedule a class for yourself according to a time suitable for you.

Yes, we offer an advance courses directly, however to enroll in the same, you will have to clear a basic level examination first.

As of now, Yi Chinese doesn’t provide one-to-one home tutoring.

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Location and Courses

Yi Chinese’s headquarters is in Beijing, China with branch campuses in Gurugram, India.

Mandarin language training is all we do. For more than five years, we’ve been helping expatriates successfully learn Chinese and it is safe to say that we are leaders in this field.
Yi Chinese’s tested teaching methodology and experienced teaching team combine to make us the best choice for your language learning experience.

Mandarin is a tonal language, making it especially important to have immediate feedback from a native speaker. Yi Chinese utilizes advanced training tools and facilitates your learning with the best language teachers.

From traditional mnemonic techniques, short and fun no contact games to Power Points Presentations and Audio-Visual productions, we have devised training methodologies that ensure quick and correct learning of the language.
All Yi Chinese lessons are conducted in real-time, small group sessions. Classes are scheduled based on students’ level and personal preferences.

We recommend that you apply at least 1 month in advance to guarantee you will get a spot in a program of your choice, with your preferred schedule. By applying early, you can also benefit from our early bird discount.

Yi Chinese has provided on campus Mandarin learning for more than five years. You may take face to face classes at our Beijing campus.

It depends on your current language level. Our teachers will assess your current level and propose a plan for you. In general, it takes 120-200 hours to achieve an intermediate competency in Chinese.

If you need additional assistance, you can reach out to our trainers anytime and in any way. All that matters to us is that our students get the best possible learning.

You will be provided with the backup classes.

To sign up a course is simple: Go to our website at ( https://yichinese.org/) .

If you find the course level to be too easy or too difficult, you may transfer to a more suitable difficultly level.

When it comes to recruiting trainers, Yi Chinese makes no compromise. All instructors at our institute require to:

  • Hold at least a Bachelor’s degree
  • Be native Mandarin speakers with standard pronunciation
  • Be effectively bilingual in Chinese and at least one other language such as English, French, Japanese, etc.
  • Be committed to and passionate about teaching

Our rates are competitive with other language schools in the area. Our students consistently rate our teaching style as the best they’ve experienced. We offer a number of packages to suit your needs and budget. As a general rule, the more classes you take, the better the price.
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Certainly. If you have friends that wish to take one of our special courses, just leave their name & number with us and we will give them a call. If your friend(s) register for our special course, you both will receive a 10% tuition discount.

Yes, an electronic invoice is ready upon receiving your payment. You can download it to your own computer.

Yi Chinese offers courses an array of courses. We have a Beginner’s 40 hour foundation course which is an intensive course common for all learners. Post that, learners may opt for going for a Survival Business Course, a Daily Chinese Course or a long term Business Chinese Course. We also offer courses specifically for HSK test preparations and one for kids.

Apart from these courses, learners can also sign up for our package of VIP activities

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Kindly click on register button for the corporate classes.

Yes, after providing the details of what exactly your company requires the course contents will be customized according to your company’s particular requirements. Industry specific language, real-life activities and documents from your company can be incorporated into the course materials.

Our teacher can travel to the company given that the transport reimbursement is provided or the students can come to our institute to study Chinese.

The final outcome of the course will be that not only will your employees gradually master the Chinese language, but they will also be educated on various aspects of Chinese culture.

Yes, two exams will be conducted for each level – Mid-term exam and final exam. The final grade is an average of mid-term exam and final exam which are further divided into writing, listening and oral test.

After the completion of the course two certificates will be given one participation certificate and the other will be a final grade certificate, given the fact that the employees pass the examination.


Children can learn new language at home only if any relative or family member communicates with them in that language on a daily basis. By learning a foreign language, children become better learners, better thinkers and thus become better citizens of the world.

If you have the resources to teach foreign languages, it will be good for your child’s overall growth and play an important role in their personality development. Being bilingual positively affects a child’s academic performance, brain development and also helps them grow into well-rounded global citizens.

There is no evidence of such a thing happening. Instead, this only enhances a child’s capability of grasping information quickly. Bilingual children coordinate and negotiate information across their languages. Bilingualism does not cause any communication disorders.

Studies reveal that ages 3-4 years are the most conducive for learning a new language. So if your child is a pre-schooler it is the best time for them to learn a new language. It doesn’t matter if they have crossed this age. The sooner you get them started the better.

Learning a language like Chinese requires time and patience. The process might not be as quick as you might expect as an adult. Children usually learn language through natural interactions where the more the child interacts in the given language, the faster and better s/he learns. In case you don’t have such an environment for your child to be able to practice another language on a daily basis, then it is important to keep them in-touch with the language at a slow and steady pace.

Children at a young age have unbelievable learning ability and can learn the new language provided with the appropriate environment for speaking and practicing the same.

For English speaking children, it’s easy to learn a second language such as Spanish and French as compared to far eastern languages such as Korean, Japanese and of course, Mandarin Chinese.

Yes, it is perfectly fine to raise the child with two languages.

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