Foundation Course
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Yi Chinese 40 is a power-packed, intensive course which introduces the learners to the basics of Mandarin within a cumulative duration of 40 hours. This course gives the learners an overall understanding of the language and develops their oral, verbal, visual and written skills.

Benefits of Foundation Course

  • High Efficiency

    Our excellent trainers employ new teaching methodologies that help you master the language faster and better. It’s a time-saving program.

  • Small Group Class

    With an average trainer-student ratio of 1:6 you’ll get ample attention from the trainer and learn more in one lesson. There is also the opportunity to meet new people and expand your network.

  • Perfect for Short-Term Students

    The Programme encourages you to accomplish more in a shorter period of time

This course is common for all learners. Post the completion of this course, the learners have an option for continuing with either our Business Chinese Course or our Daily Chinese Course .

Yi Chinese’ Business Chinese Course focuses towards building your capacity to hold professional conversations in Mandarin. Designed to suit the needs of individuals either with business links in China (or in the process of creating one) the course focuses on essential language used in the Chinese business world and helps you understand the commercial culture prevalent in China.

Yi Chinese’ Daily Chinese course will enhance your skills in conversational Mandarin Chinese as spoken by native speakers in their day to day lives. The classes will cover conversations around topics such as self-introduction, asking for directions, shopping, dating and the likes. Post this course, you will grow into a person who can further strengthen their Mandarin language skills on their own.

Learners can also add 20 hours to this foundation course and convert it into our Survival Business Chinese Course. For more details you can read more about the Yi Chinese 60: Survival Business Chinese Course


Rs 18000
  • Small Group
  • Free VIP Activities
  • Native Teacher (4 Classes)
  • elearning (use books)
  • Refund After 3 Classes


Rs 24000
  • Small Group
  • Free VIP Activities
  • Native Teacher (8 Classes)
  • elearning
  • Refund after 3 classes
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