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Mandarin Chinese is the next world language and it doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that there are already 50 million people learning Chinese as a second language worldwide. Learning to teach Mandarin Chinese to non-native speakers provides global work opportunities, and is one of the best ways to combine a rewarding career with travel.

With the growing number of students comes an ever increasing demand for qualified Chinese teachers.  Yi Chinese teacher training Programs are the best way to gain or improve your Mandarin teaching knowledge and skills. Take Yi Chinese teacher training program, you will able to share Chinese language and culture with the world.

Yi Chinese Teacher Training Centre also holds Chinese cultural activity every week, like opera face painting, mah-jong, calligraphy and dumpling making, which give students many opportunities to enjoy their time at Yi Chinese with students from all over the world.

Benefits of Teacher Training Program

  • Build your teaching resume

  • Learn helpful teaching methods

  • Earn recognized certification


Assessment is based on a portfolio of evidence built up over the course, including a report on a classroom project, and submitted at the end of the course


Hold either

  • Post-graduation diploma
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Master’s degree
  • HSK 4 or above


Rs 50000
  • Small Group
  • Free VIP Activities
  • Native Teacher (4 Classes)
  • elearning (use books)
  • Refund After 3 Classes


Rs 60000
  • Small Group
  • Free VIP Activities
  • Native Teacher (8 Classes)
  • elearning
  • Refund after 3 classes
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