Daily Chinese Course
4 students


The Daily Chinese program by Yi Chinese facilitates the learners by showing them the ropes of the language and equips you with the required grammar and vocabulary for basic level communication in Mandarin Chinese which comes handy in the day-to-day life.

As a beginner, you will be made to understand the basic nuances of Chinese and taught how to conduct simple communication in daily life, such as introducing yourself, asking and giving directions for addresses, telling the day and time, ordering food, making appointments, talking with your housekeeper, seeing a doctor, making phone calls and a series of such messages amongst others.

Benefits of Daily Chinese Course

  • Easy learning

    Even though Chinese is known for its heartbreaking difficulty due to it numerous characters, tones, verbs, elaborate writing systems, syntax and grammar, we at Yi Chinese make it simple to learn with our distinctive teaching methods.

  • New and Practical Content

    We provide you with only the most relevant and authentic content which we prepare after much hard work that goes into continuous content customization.

  • Effective Teaching

    A structured yet flexible curriculum, trainers that are native Mandarin speakers and innovative learning tools, a great and effective learning experience is simply assured.


Rs 20000
  • Small Group
  • Free VIP Activities
  • Native Teacher (4 Classes)
  • elearning (use books)
  • Refund After 3 Classes


Rs 30000
  • Small Group
  • Free VIP Activities
  • Native Teacher (8 Classes)
  • elearning
  • Refund after 3 classes
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