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You can reach every opportunity to advance your career by learning to communicate with one of the world’s largest fastest growing economies, China, by learning the language it speaks. Yi Chinese’ Corporate Chinese course would take care of every language need you have in specific industry.

Yi Chinese’ Corporate Course focuses towards building your capacity to hold professional conversations in Mandarin. Designed to suit the needs of individuals either with business links in China (or in the process of creating one) the course focuses on essential language used in the Chinese business world and helps you understand the commercial culture prevalent in China.

This course is available for corporate clients who wish to train their employees in Mandarin Chinese. The course will work the same way as it does for individuals. If a big professional opportunity is on the way and you need to learn Mandarin with no time to lose, this is the course for you! Within a total duration of 100 hours – broken down into 40 hours of foundation Mandarin and 60 hours of focused Business Mandarin – the Chinese Language Course for Corporates equips you with the basic skills for efficiently communicating in Chinese.  Additionally, our corporate clients also get the added benefit of attending our free VIP activities!

Benefits of Business Training Course

  • Business Vocabulary

    The course builds a functional Mandarin vocabulary complete with Business terms and jargons.

  • Professional Communication Skills

    Learn how to communicate with Chinese-speaking businesses, suppliers and clients.

  • Understand Commercial Culture

    A unique, added advantage of this course is that it helps you understand the business culture in China.

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