Business Spoken Chinese Course Level 2
4 students


You can reach every opportunity to advance your career by learning to communicate with one of the world’s largest fastest growing economies, China, by learning the language it speaks. Yi Chinese’ Business Chinese course would take care of every language need you have in the professional sphere.

For Individuals

Our Business Chinese Course focuses towards building your capacity to hold professional conversations in Mandarin. Designed to suit the needs of individuals either with business links in China (or in the process of creating one) the course focuses on essential language used in the Chinese business world and helps you understand the commercial culture prevalent in China.

For Corporates

This course is also available for corporate clients who wish to train their employees in Mandarin Chinese. The course will work the same way as it does for individuals. However, our corporate clients do get the added benefit of attending our VIP activities for free!

Benefits of Business Chinese Course

  • Business Vocabulary

    The course builds a functional Mandarin vocabulary complete with Business terms and jargons.

  • Professional Communication Skills

    Learn how to communicate with Chinese-speaking businesses, suppliers and clients.

  • Understand Commercial Culture

    A unique, added advantage of this course is that it helps you understand the business culture in China.

Beginner’s Business Chinese

This class is for those who have just a basic knowledge of Chinese language skills. Learners will be introduced to basic Chinese business etiquette, such as the proper way to accept and present a business card and how to confidently make introductions in social and business settings.

Elementary Business Chinese

If you’re ready to move beyond simple daily life queries and begin learning relationship building communication skills, then our Elementary Business Course is for you. We’ll also cover such business etiquette topics such as how to drink (or not drink too much) at a ceremonial business dinner in China.

Intermediate Business Chinese

This course is for those who can ask and answer simple questions with short sentences on familiar topics. This course will take a step toward deepening relational and communication skills. The etiquette topics covered will include building familiarity with various hospitality scenarios common to the Chinese business world – Who picks up the tab? What’s a good gift? Can I accept this?

Advanced Business Chinese

Our advanced course is for students who can already confidently communicate in many informal and formal situations and just need some fine tuning and specialized coaching. Business etiquette topics will include what to expect when making a deal in China and “when are we going to get down to business?”


Rs 18000
  • Small Group
  • Free VIP Activities
  • Native Teacher (4 Classes)
  • elearning (use books)
  • Refund After 3 Classes
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