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A very special concept for our very special learners, VIP activities is a basket of entertaining Chinese cultural activities. You are eligible to join the VIP activities at a nominal fee if you are enrolled in any of Yi Chinese’ courses. The VIP activities come as an added benefit for those who are part of the Corporate Training package.

Chinese Speaking Corner

Conceptualized to give our learners a varied experience of interacting in Mandarin and the opportunity to build their lingual dexterity, the Chinese Corner will place you in a room full of individuals from all corners of the city, fluent in the language. A series of fun games, small debates and discussions will then follow with Mandarin Chinese being the language of conversation. At the Chinese Corner you make new friends, learn from each other and grow!

Movie Night

It is time to cuddle up in blankets, grab bowls of popcorns and enjoy a cosy night of watching Chinese cinema! Yi Chinese’ Movie Nights are all this and more. Movies are undeniably an excellent and enjoyable way for understanding the functional nuances of a language.


Once every month Yi Chinese will lighten up the scene with a thematic party for its learners. Delectable Chinese food, thrilling games and invigorating conversations over an endless flow of yummy drinks – our parties will become one of your most memorable experiences.

Paper Cutting

Paper Cutting is an ancient Chinese art dating back to the 2nd century Eastern Han Dynasty where it was born and ever since then, it has been a popular skill Chinese families have traditionally used to decorate their homes and neighbourhood on festive occasions especially on New Year’s Day.  The paper cutting activity will introduce you to semiotics that are deeply rooted in Chinese beliefs and culture as well as make you experience the mentally satisfying and soothing effects of this physical activity.


Chinese calligraphy, or Shufa as it is known in China, is the art of aesthetic writing. Throughout Chinese history, the talent of creating beautiful strokes of letters has been a revered art and is still held in high esteem. In our calligraphy sessions you will discover the almost therapeutic effects of focusing your energy in stroking your thoughts on a piece of parchment and creating something beautiful.

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