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Yi Chinese School

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Yi Chinese is a recognised international Mandarin Chinese teaching and teacher training centre in Beijing. Based out of China, we are expanding globally with our learning centre recently opened up in Gurugram, India.

The foundations of Yi Chinese were laid with the aim to provide easy and efficient Mandarin study programmes and quality teaching services to corporate organisations, expat families and individuals from around the world. Through an array of Chinese language learning modules and cultural activities, we help our students to improve their skills in commercial and daily communication, facilitate exchange of culture and lifestyle, and provide with a real time platform for practice. Making all of this possible is our capable team of trainers that are native Mandarin Chinese speakers.

YIC(易语国际汉语教育)是一家专业的国际汉语及汉语教师培训公司。总部位于北京,Gurgaon (古尔冈)及 Delhi(德里)为易语国际印度分部。致力为国内外商务公司,家庭及个人提供高效/ 高质量的汉语培训服务。一线教学团队均来自国内知名对外汉语教育专业,统一受训国内一线大学 (北京大学,北京语言大学,郑州大学,复旦大学等),集体备课,致力在最短时间内提高非母语者 的汉语听说技能并研发有意思的汉语学习方法和工具。

The word ‘Yi’ in the Chinese language means ‘simple’ or ‘easy’. A literal translation of Yi Chinese is thus, easy Chinese which conveys our intentions of imparting an effective learning of the language in an easy way. The Theory of Yi is that simple!


We successfully enable a thorough yet easy understanding of Mandarin Chinese by incorporating elements of experiential learning introduced within a curriculum that is mindful of cultural studies. This is why our centres are designed to imitate a ‘café environment’ where we try to place the learner in a quintessential Chinese atmosphere.

Furthermore, we make use of innovative learning tools and new age teaching techniques. This has been seen to accelerate the language learning process and also develops an appreciation for the Chinese culture within the learners as they swim through the seas of culture and lifestyle.



Why Choose Yi Chinese School?

  • No Hidden Fees

    You get what you see. At Yi Chinese you pay once and are good to go for the entire course duration. No material fees, application fees or any other hidden costs will be incurred.

  • Café Environment

    Free books to read, Chinese games to play, unlimited tea and coffee . . . learning at Yi Chinese is a fun, relaxing and an invigorating experience.

  • Excellent Trainers

    Language trainers at Yi Chinese come through a thorough selection process and are dedicated full-time, experienced trainers with at least 1000 hours of teaching experience each. All trainers have majored in teaching foreigners Mandarin Chinese as a second language.

  • Training System

    Our comprehensive training system combines core lessons with supplementary learning which utilises innovative learning tools such as games, flashcards, presentations etc. This enables quick and affordable language learning.

  • Flexible Scheduling

    We offer both, intensive as well as part-time sessions with our experienced team of trainers who are available 6 days a week with us..

  • Melting Pot of Learners

    Yi Chinese has experienced teaching with learners belonging to nationalities from around the world. In a short few years, we have taught thousands of individuals how to read, write and converse in the Chinese language.

  • Learn about Chinese Culture

    At Yi Chinese, it is a holistic learning experience where we don’t equip you with just Chinese vocabulary but integrate your learning with the whole culture this lovely language carries in its seams.

What Makes Yi Chinese Special

Learning Material We do not teach you out of a book! Our zealous team pours all its energy in developing the most creative and innovative teaching methods. Standing on a solid foundation of intensive research, we are continuously creating and customising new content for learning.
India and China join hands While our lessons are taught by a Chinese trainer, they are guided by an Indian facilitator who can better understand the lingual needs of our learners and effectively remove all barriers to learning the language. Together, India and China make the perfect team that benefits our learners.
A Firm Resolve Each learner is a responsibility we want to shoulder to the best of our capabilities. Yi Chinese’ great work ethic lies in our sole intention of creating independent learners. We guide our learners up till a certain level, after which they can continue learning the language on their own with or without us.

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